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Red the barbarian :icono0-epimetheus-0o:o0-Epimetheus-0o 0 0
The Tales and Missadventures of Raven Brightbone
We return to our rather bumbling hero as he makes his way to find the city of the dead that was lost or hidden he was rather fuzzy on that also on where it was... he was sure it was in the desert but apart from that or what it looked like... really our hero is an idiot... he doesn't make the best choices... *sigh* and so.. on with our story
falling... why am i falling...
Raven blinks
or am i sitting up..
with a slightly puzzled "hmmm" he looked down to see it was neither he was on his mount a large orange salamander "oh.." he closes his eyes thinking "last thing i remember was...." his mount goes over a sand dune and he feels his stomach lurch before he leans over and throws up over the side of his mount
drinking i remember drinking
With a groan he flops forward onto Mr snuggles holding onto it as it rides onward's threw the dunes... that purify water spell... i think it was turned into wine.. not great when you need water.. but it would be useful at parties
:icono0-epimetheus-0o:o0-Epimetheus-0o 0 5
Raven Brightbones
:bulletyellow:Name: Raven Brightbones
:bulletyellow:Age: 24
:bulletyellow:Race/Species: Human
:bulletyellow:Gender: Male
:bulletpurple:Physical Appearance (Be as descriptive as you can. What is their build/hair colour/hair parting/etcetcetc): He has long blue hair, wears a pair of circular glasses, has emerald green eyes. He wears a long trench coat that is tattered and well worn, patches covering it it is a faded dark green color, under it he wears a leather battle suit. On his back there is a small bunch of staff's on his back and a large book bag.  
:bulletpurple:Personality (Are they happy-go-lucky/see the best in people/always the first to run away/afraid of horses/aligned with evil/etcetcetc):He is... obsessed about magic, relics and lost legends. He has a amazing memory when it comes to ruins... languages... and symbols.. but when it comes to day to day things and well everything else he tends to forget he is a bit of a air head especially when it comes to other people and
:icono0-epimetheus-0o:o0-Epimetheus-0o 1 0
:bulletyellow:Name: Faust
:bulletyellow:Age: 26
:bulletyellow:Race/Species: Werewolf
:bulletyellow:Gender: Male
:bulletpurple:Physical Appearance (Be as descriptive as you can. What is their build/hair colour/hair parting/etcetcetc): Faust is about 6ft tall he has long red hair that has been platted, He has green eyes and fair skin on the top of his head are slightly brown wolf ears. When he grins and smiles his wolf fangs can be seen. He wears his knightly full plate almost all the time unless its a formal ball then he'll wear a suit. His Knight armor consists of a full steel armor set, the parts that are not armor seem to have blue fabric and chainmail under them. All his clothes and armor have a special hole for his tail, but he has a special type of armor for his tail too. His tail is the same color of his ears.
When he changes into his werewolf form his size doubles and he becomes much stronger too, His fur which is kind of a reddish brown covers his body, there is a single white
:icono0-epimetheus-0o:o0-Epimetheus-0o 3 6
Fritz von Ursus
:bulletyellow:Name:Fritz von Ursus
:bulletyellow:Race/Species: Bear (anthro)
:bulletpurple:Physical Appearance (Be as descriptive as you can. What is their build/hair colour/hair parting/etcetcetc): Fritz is a giant of a man about 7ft 5 he has light grey furr all over his body, over his right eye he wears a eyepatch behind the eyepatch clearly visible due to the largeness of it is a scar that runs down from his right ear to his cheek, his visible eye is a light blue his features are almost always a scowl and people tend to avoid him, that is until he see's something cute or a child and then he breaks out into the most friendly smile possible. He wears a simple cloth shirt and pants the sleeves on his shirt almost always rolled up showing some more battle scars on his arms, he is physically well built and he can almost always be found wearing his work apron which is simple black with a pocket in the front for tools or nails that kinda thing
:icono0-epimetheus-0o:o0-Epimetheus-0o 2 5


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My little buddy... and best friend in the whole world.. (in the realm of the four legged kingdom anyways) scamp passed away yesterday.. she.. had a Fit and.. just stopped.. i.. miss her so much.. and i am not sure how to fill that scamp shaped void in my life.. so i say Rest in peace scamp...


Insert Name Here
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I was in a dark place for a long time... but.. im just coming out of it.. and i think... its time for the world to see what i see.. so its been a long time since i held a camera but.. i want to take it up again


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